The world is angry. People are angry at politicians. Politicians are angry at terrorists. Terrorists are angry at governments. Governments are angry at governments. Protesters are angry at governments, at oppressors, suppressors, cynics. Drivers are angry at traffic, cyclists are angry at drivers, managers are angry at employees, employees are angry at managers, children are angry at parents, parents are angry at children, people are angry at people. You see, the world is angry, it is furious. There is so much of this emotion inside and around us, we don’t even recognize it as something that should be out-of-the-ordinary, because it has become ordinary. We have become accustomed to it, found ways to mitigate it, forget about it, avoid it, drink it, laugh and joke about it, live with it. But this is no measure of a healthy life.

There is the healthy anger too, the one against abuse, the one that sets boundaries, the anger which says ‘stop, enough’, the anger which does not hurt, the anger which protects, cares, the one with awareness, the one that stands up for freedom, for life and for integrity. Read more about this here.

So you see, that’s what Furiosa is. It’s a reminder to be aware of the anger inside, the anger outside and how they manifest in our lives. And it’s time to do something about it. When is the last time you got angry? Why? Was it healthy anger or not? Can it happen again? What will you do about it?