this is Furiosa's


Furiosa began as one guy’s dream to create the ultimate low maintenance practical bike for people living in urban environments, all without compromising the looks.

The very first words used to describe the ‘to be’ bike were:

  • low maintenance
  • light & fast
  • good looks
  • practical and easy to store

These requirements came as a natural response to the needs of the urban commuters, the primary but certainly not the only target group for this bike.

This bike is about design, quality, reliability, practicality and simplicity – its about balancing these concepts and combining them into a human powered machine meant to make life easier for urban cyclists. No non-sense. Down to earth. Sincere. That’s it.

“Taste changes, taste is unreliable, whereas quality - the quality of design, the quality of execution of something, how well it is thought about and put together - that’s a sort of constant, that’s something that we can all instinctively recognize.”

- Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs

“Where does the name come from?” This question comes up a lot!
Originally the name was inspired by the bullhorn handlebars which give the bike it’s signature look. More than that, Furiosa as a name and concept embodies the masculine drive and feminine sensitivity, a balance between a drive without compromise and beautiful shapes.

There are two principles which this brand is built upon:

  • freedom
  • no fear

Too many times we as humans act out of fear and forget to stand up for our freedom. Furiosa is then perhaps something to remind us at every single ride that we are more powerful than we think.

Furiosa is designed and assembled in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.