On our About page, we outline what we stand for, and what we don’t stand for. We also talk about principles that we value and try to live by: freedom, integrity and respect for life. We define them as uncompromising rules of existence. Here’s a more comprehensive breakdown.

We like this one a lot. It’s a principle which sets out the ground for the other two principles. We see freedom as a fabric which is weaved into our existence, or at least it should be. To put these ‘big words’ into perspective, freedom is like when you were a child. Remember the moments when you were just you? Playing, no adult responsibilities, no fears, no limitations, no shame, nothing of that sort. Play gave you freedom. In your mind, you were free, you could be anything you wanted to be, your imagination was running wild, you had no constraints. Freedom is no limitations. Sit with that for a moment. Remember that feeling. That’s freedom.

Freedom is the ability to enact whatever your mind conceives, without borders, as long as you don’t step on someone else’s freedom without their agreement. This is a tricky one, because we live in a very complex world, where these interactions are so far-reaching, that it’s impossible to calculate with our minds when we violate someone else’s freedom, but we can feel it, that’s what makes us humans. And we can recognize when our freedom is broken, that we can do too.

We see integrity as a measure of how much we respect the other two principles. The word itself explains the concept: when you value freedom and life, the moment you step on them, or your freedom and lifeforce are stepped on, on that moment you feel how you are not whole anymore, how you are not integer anymore. When you hurt someone, when you lie, when you deceive, when you steal etc – these things have consequences, and chances are one of the two – someone’s or something’s life/wellbeing/freedom will be affected to a certain degree. Honesty, sincerity and authenticity are also part of the realm of integrity. So much can be said about this topic.

Respect for life.
Life is what defines us as humans, we are alive. Life is humans, life is also animals, life is plants, fungi, bacteria. We have more bacteria in our guts than cells in our body. Life is in and all around us, and respect for life simply means respecting the freedom of all life forms. No matter how hippie this may sound, it’s not, it’s just how things are.

We live in a world which makes it very hard if not impossible to live 100% by these principles, but all we can do is try. If not us, you and me, then who?

These principles are something we, as a company, as a brand, haven’t even fully grasped ourselves yet, it takes time. It’s about practicing them and bringing awareness to everyday decisions. What are your thoughts?