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We say Furiosa “is not a perfect bike, nor is it for bike purists. Just down to earth. No non-sense. Sincere. That’s it.”

So let’s go through a few questions and find some more about this bike. Technicalities, shipping and delivery information and more in this FAQs section. At the bottom of the page there’s a form where you can actually submit your question. If it comes up a lot, we’ll add it here for others to get informed too.

In what sizes does the bike come?

There are 4 different sizes available. They cover the majority of heights for adults, from 160 cm to 195 cm.
S = 150 – 160
M = 160 – 170
L = 170 – 180
XL = 180 – 195

If I order now, when will i receive my bike?

Every bike we build is made to order; the frame is handbuilt and wheels assembled by hand. For these reasons it will take about 8 weeks until dispatch, and another few days for shipping. It can happen that you get your Furiosa earlier – will will be in touch with you by email or phone.

Do you deliver outside Europe?

No, only in Europe.

How much does it weigh?

Depending on the size and types of components, between 8.6 and 8.9 Kg.

Is it fixed gear or single speed?

Single speed.

What is the maximum recommended weight the bike can carry?


The twisting stem… doesn’t that make the bike easier to steal?

Not easier than a normal bike/stem.

The frame has smooth welds… why does the stem have weld marks in the pictures on the website?

We used a prototype stem for the pictures. The stem on your Furiosa will have smooth joints.

Is there a female friendly version? (step-through frame or women’s bike?

Not at the moment, but its something we get asked a lot, so it’s on the list.

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