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Company bikes

Bike fleet or bike subsidy?

Bikes for your customers or staff
Would you like to equip your customers with some stylish practical bikes? Furiosa is probably the most logical choice. Furiosa is built to cover exactly these attributes: it’s low maintenance, very light and nimble, minimalistic; plus it fits well with any branding thanks to its simplicity and simple color palette.

What’s more, we can work together to customize the line to fit your house style and specific needs.
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Bike fleet for your employees
It’s 2018, the world is exponentially changing, our cities are eveolving towards a bike friendly infrastructure and many organizations are recognizing the necessity to accomodate their people’s transportation needs.

See the guidebook for bicycle friendly employers.

Bike subsidies for your employees
Not ready yet to invest in a bike park? Or simply want to encourage your staff to ride to work? Many countries and governments are supporting commuting by bike with subsidies, tax incentives and bike ready infrastructure.

See how your employees can benefit.

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