Just down to earth

This bike is about design, quality, reliability, practicality and simplicity – it’s about balancing these concepts and combining them into a human powered machine meant to make your life easier. It’s not a perfect bike, nor is it for bike purists. Just down to earth. No non-sense. Sincere. That’s it.

What about the name?

``Where does the name come from?`` This question comes up a lot! Originally the name was inspired by the bullhorn handlebars which give the bike it’s signature look. More than that, Furiosa as a name and concept embodies the masculine drive and feminine sensitivity, a balance between a drive without compromise and beautiful shapes.

Something special indeed

Thanks to the innovative patented stem design, Furiosa delivers a unique way to store your bike in the tightest places. Coupled with the folding pedals and light-weight contruction, it’s easy to bring it in your apartment and keep it clean and safe. We're working hard on releasing the stem on the market. Until then, you can still order your Furiosa equipped with a normal stem.

How can you get one?

We can build such a bike specifically for you. It will take about 8 weeks to create your Furiosa. We deliver only in Europe at the moment. We would totally like to hear from you, your opinion, questions and any special requests for the build. So drop us an email at info@furiosabike.com.

1,550 euro incl. VAT and shipping

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