What Furiosa is really about

and what it's not

This bike is about design, quality, reliability, practicality and simplicity – it’s about balancing these concepts and combining them into a human powered machine meant to make life easier for the urban commuters. It’s not a perfect bike, nor is it for bike purists. Just down to earth. No non-sense. Sincere. That’s it.

so convenient

low maintenance

all the right materials
The raw aluminium finish benefits from a scratch and weather rezistent coating. High quality materials are used throughout, leaving no chance for rust to set in. Simple and minimalistic design ensures you have no extra kit to take care of.
airless puncture proof tires
In addition, you have the option to equip your Furiosa with the life-changing airless puncture proof tires. They will take a big concern off your shoulders; no maintenance, no pump, no stress!
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It's not about being special

it's about being authentic
feather-like smoothness

light & fast

care for design and function
At only 8.6 kg, the bike has a very light structure thanks to the aluminium frame, carbon fiber fork and simple design. The handmade frame has beautiful smooth welds; the handcrafted wheels come with strong hubs, with sealed and shielded bearings, stainless steel spokes and aluminum rims with CNC machined wall. The rims have welded joints, but no visible weld marks.
next level of practicality
The gear ratio (45T x 16t) enables quick sprints and sustained performance on the long stretches. The chain on this bike won’t rust and you don’t need to worry about your pants getting those stains thanks to the chain cover and protection on the crank. Furiosa comes with folding pedals too. Why? See below.
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If not us, who?

If not now, when?
unlike any other bike

easy to store

one of a kind
Thanks to the innovative patented stem design, Furiosa delivers a unique way to store your bike in the tightest places. Coupled with the folding pedals and light-weight contruction, it’s easy to bring it in your apartment and keep it clean and safe.

The twisting stem will be available as an option later in 2018.

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